How to backup and restore the world

I just added David Pollard’s How to Save the World weblog to my subscriptions. His blog is a nonstop source of fascinating thoughts about business, the web, society, and so on. He has also done some interesting analyses of Salon bloggers by traffic and interconnectedness. (Since Harry Potter will be knocking me out of Salon’s top ten all time blogs within a day or so, I cherish my relative interleavedness with the rest of the blogosphere.)
Anyway, I kept forgetting to check his site until I saw a link back in, and that was the clue that I needed to subscribe. It will also make it easier for me to quote him and x-post to the salonika category when he posts something about the Salon blogs community.
I need to update the feed boxes on the salonika page, I know, especially since the untimely retirement of the Raven.