i didn't do it!

been blogging too much lately, need to inhale a bit, step back, tighten the filter, play some cards closer to the chest, work offline.
but stream of jottings notes, nonincriminating, can easily to publicly or privately. any reason to publish raw stream?
so anyway, the cowgirl attributes an upskirt beaver shot to me to the detriment of the actual artist, so i get a lot of windfall traffic today (hello!).
i hope my recent-ish content is entertaining because i’m tapped out at the moment.
when did “… i got nothing” cross over from comedian jargon to ordinary conversation? transmitted by seinfeld?
just thought of an idea for a nonfiction book i should probably pitch to my agent before blabbing about to whomever’s listening in.
still, now i feel obliged to make (to fark?) a nudie shot for my favorite misunderstood fringe culture blogger who happens to be female and happens to gravitate toward the enormity of the pr0n fringe.
note to lazyweb, what good are macros or shortcuts if i’m too lazy to set them up? i’m tired of typing <a href= and of the fact that i really had to type ampersand l t semicolon to make an open bracket show through. this stuff is still way too geeky.