I had a dream

We were in a kitchen, me and the two cops, one white and one black. The black one was Colin Powell. We sat down at the table and continued arguing about some system that would allow them to run background checks on people from their squad cars. The cops were against it, saying it would allow them to beat people up. Isn’t that better than the current system? I asked Powell, in which you get beaten up automatically when I’m the one who’s missing my IRS audit?
The clock showed it was nearly nine. My audit is at 8:15 this morning. I woke up in a panic. Wish me luck.






One response to “I had a dream”

  1. Scot Hacker Avatar

    People talk about dreams as if they were the effluent of the subconscious, but so often the connection to reality is so direct it’s banal. Other times we have dream elements that are a direct result of extenal stimulus. A slamming car door outside and suddenly you’re dreaming your parents shut you out of everthing. It kind of throws into question the profundity and fundamental weirdness of dreams. A bit. Sometimes.