I [heart] Zempt

I installed Zempt , a free blog-posting client for Movable Type (and TypePad) and it’s pretty slick. It uses Really Simple Discoverability to set up the connection to your blog-server host. In fact, the Choose Blog pull-down list gives me access to both my MT installation and to my TypePad beta account. It’s hard to imagine anything easier to use. It also offers spell-checking and a way to insert what you’ve got playing on your WinAmp or Windows Media Player when you’re posting (just like kung-log), even though MT/TP don’t have a specific music field (as does, for example, LiveJournal).
What’s not to like?
Well, since it uses the metaweblog API, it could post to Radio and Manila sites, couldn’t it? Or is it locked into the MT extensions to the API?






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  1. filchyboy Avatar

    I wonder if a similar client is available yet for Mac OS X?