I'll be the guy with the sunglasses and the straw hat

I thought this Anil Dash weblog entry looked familiar:

I’m off to SF for O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference on Tuesday. I’m going against the grain this year by taking my laptop along, “blogging” in “realtime”, and taking digital photos of people. If there’s a box, I am out of it. If you’re attending as well, stop by and say hello…I’ll be the guy with the laptop and digital camera.

Oh, right, I saw it first (or a near variation) at plasticbag.org.
I was feeling kind of out of the loop (no, not the box) for missing this very expensive conference, though I figure any emerging techne will have to protrude a bit more and get beta tested by all the early adopters of the world before I’m ready for it anyway, but now I’m kind of glad I won’t be there.






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  1. Tom Coates Avatar

    Ha ha. Counter-memed. Touche!