Imminent death of blogging predicted -Film at 11

Written in the mode of a jaded Internet old-timer (how weak is that?), a New York Press Media & Politics item points out the deep irrelevance of weblogs, noting that they are “a circle jerk” and that the best bloggers long to be media columnists like ol’ no-signature who penned the slam.
You have to scroll down from the link given above to the item (Best Loyalty: To Print). Something the Press could learn from blogs about online journalism is to make each item uniquely addressable. Of course that would require the use of permalinks or some equivalent, which would involve knowing more about the so-called new form than this jaded “ho-hum I had a homepage in 1996” journo has bothered to do.
Let’s set our watches to check this prediction around October, 2004:

The blog is a dead form within two years. On the outside.

Speaking of the web address for the column, it uses a raw (unescaped) ampersand in its URL. Sniff.

[via Elizabeth Spiers – in whose comments see also an encomium from Peter Jurew at the New Yorker, who says “Keep on writing!”]






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  1. Randy Charles Morin Avatar

    Did blogs go out of style before Cobol?