Inline trackbacks better than pop-ups

Responding to Andrew “I hate blogs and obsess about little else” Orlowski’s latest screed at the Register, which blamed Six Apart for ruining Google by inventing Trackback, Mena writes in Six Log that it’s a better practice to include trackbacks (and comments) on the same page as the weblog entry they refer to than to use pop-up windows, which can be found by Google absent their full context.
What we need now is some step-by-step template repair instructions for anyone who wants to bring their trackbacks (and comments) back onto the main archive pages.






One response to “Inline trackbacks better than pop-ups”

  1. Gwen Avatar

    Kind of rude to provide default templates that you speak out against ;)
    I use Kalsey’s Simple Comments on…um..I don’t remember which blog now, but I’ve been meaning to convert the others ;)
    I’ve also included them by grabbing the tags from the Trackback template and sticking it in whichever archive, sticking in an anchor, then making “trackback” link to the permalink#anchor. but I like the SimpleComments better as it keeps it all in chron. order rather than categorizing then chronologizing…
    And there’s always the template tags menu at (yourMTdirectory) /docs/mtmanual_tags.html#trackback%20tags