Kalsey declares war on comment spammers

Adam Kalsey is forming a posse to go after comment spammers. He has written a manifesto declaring comment spammers personae non gratae in the blogosphere and invites us all to sign the manifesto by commenting on his blog or sending a trackback ping, and by writing tutorials teaching each other how to track, identify, and shut down the spammers.
His premise is that webloggers are more technically savvy than USENET and email users, as a group, and that we have a better chance of nipping this latest spam incursion in the bud.






2 responses to “Kalsey declares war on comment spammers”

  1. Burningbird Avatar

    Comment Spam? Or DoS?

    The topic about comment spam still rages, with people following the spammer’s tracks to shut them down or at a minimum harrass them with bills and whatnot. The spammers then come back with, “It’s all legal, your comment forms are open.” Well, yes and n…

  2. Burningbird Avatar

    Comment Spam? Or DoS?

    Comment spammers, you messin’ with the wrong bitch. I’m gonna get my bros at the F-friggen-BI on your sorry butt if you all don’t keep your thing outa my space.