Let them eat Dean

· long story short

After tripping over themselves a few times right out of the gate, the Clark campaign is starting to look downright professional. Here are a few of the top stories from the last couple of weeks:

  • Kerry, Gephardt, and Lieberman attack Dean’s electability.
  • Dean strikes back.
  • Clark testifies against the war criminal he bagged and gets praised by President Bill Clinton.
  • Kerry, Gephardt, and Lieberman attack Dean’s foreign policy experience.
  • Dean strikes back, with vigor.
  • Clark has a grandkid, raises oodles of money (nearly as much as Dean in the last quarter), and releases a new ad in which he gets a medal put round his neck by President Bill Clinton.

Not bad.
Sure, I’m leaving tons out, including the VP-or-not-VP demi-controversy between Dean and Clark. But that’s pretty small stuff compared with the shots the other fellas have been taking.
It’s hard not to be impressed by the disciplined way the Clark campaign has resisted joining the fray, yet still managed to raise tons of dough and grab their share of press. It’s like they get to have Kerry, Gephardt, and Lieberman throw cake at Dean, and then, after Dean is covered in cake, the Clark campaign gets to eat that cake too.
Only less gross.