LiveJournal pinging

Found a link from Technorati: Top 50 Interesting Recent Blogs with Context in my referrers, went to check out the page, and saw a lot of unfamiliar listings with similarly formed titles. On a hunch, I started mousing over and sure enough most of them were LiveJournal blogs.
Is Technorati manually mining LJ or have LJ blogs started pinging?






2 responses to “LiveJournal pinging”

  1. gregory Avatar

    Yup! It’s something for paid users I believe. They just turned on the capability a few weeks ago. Luckily it’s off by default or would be flooded.

  2. Bill Avatar

    Gregory is right. Here’s the announcement at LJ:
    I also noticed that is pinging now as well, but I only see them at and not Perhaps is not accepting their pings.