Logos, drafts, syndication, and privacy

filch, I’d love to see your futurismistic logo ideas and see if Liza and you can get any synergy going.
I noticed that draft. Are you still going to flesh it out?
By QuickPost, you guys are talking about the TypePad bookmarklet? I didn’t realize it could post to MT blogs as well? I have used Zempt and NNW Pro and kung-log partly because they can post to any MT-esque blog. It’s a little annoying for me to have to use a separate bookmarklet to post to Pirillo’s RSS Resource, so I imagined you guys would have the same issue posting to RFB.
Rayne, you are new to MT. How is it working out? Anything need clarification?
Re filchy’s custom feed, sorry about including the byline. I probably just cloned the RFB template and didn’t notice that. By the way, does everyone like the way the credit is given? It’s in brackets at the end of the entry body, like so: [by Christian Crumlish].
We could also do it like Many-to-Many does where in their feed the byline is included after each title.
Re the syndication feed for this editorial blog, I changed it this morning from MT’s default excerpts to full post bodies.
Re the password, no, I haven’t yet figured out what I did wrong with .htaccess. Anyone with better Apache chops than me want to take a look? This means we are not writing in privacy, although the blog doen’t ping weblogs and we’re not promoting it.
A link out like Liza’s recently could theoretically show up in a referred log somewhere and bring strangers to this page. That may not actually be a bad thing. Open editorial proceedings can be a good thing, but if we would feel more free to cut loose knowing we were behind a wall, then we should do that. Let’s discuss this…