Posting drafts

Re Blogistan Editorial: ARGGH!:

i usually use quickposts to create drafts that i then work out into full posts. is there any reason why i cannot keep a draft in RFB?

bookmarklet.gifNo, there is nothing preventing you except that by default new posts are set to Publish unless you override and specify Draft. You should be able to make a Bookmarklet that has the Post Status element on it (I’m using one like that right now), and then you just have to remember to set it to Draft before clicking the Post button.
Some of the client tools (kung-Log, NetNewsWire’s posting interface, Zempt) don’t always pick up those attributes, annoyingly. For instance, NNW never seems to register the category selection.

it posted my draft which i had to delete…

Sorry, I saw that… You didn’t have to delete it. You could have set it back to Draft…

…and thusly i had to proceed to rebuilding the whole site.

Just the index would have been fine.

ugh! i had no idea you had that many pages.

Yeah, I’ve posted nearly daily, often multiple time, for a year and a half, plus for about six-nine months I reposted anything I posted elsewhere here. Someday I may eliminate those non-blog-related posts from the archive.

now the article is there, incomplete! but i cannot get to it because it has been deleted. this sooooooooo sucks!

Huh, how could it still be there and be deleted at the same time?

so, is it possible to keep drafts on RFB? if not, then i guess i’ll have to set up something at culturekitchen or typepad.

Anyway, the answer is yes. Let me know if you need help setting anything up.