Metamemewatch: Minding the Planet

Paul Ford’s Ftrain is in full effect and from it I ended up at Nova Spivack’s Minding the Planet, wherein he asks the musical question

Do You Like This Blog? Help Me Spread It Like a Virus!… If you like this blog – help me spread it like a virus to others who might like it too. That way this blog will become a better meme – a meme for spreading memes – A metameme. If everyone who reads this blog gets 2 other people to subscribe to it (or read it), we’ll have a very effective channel for reaching people with really unusual ideas. And the world needs more unusual ideas today.

And so on, and so on…
Anyway, Nova Spivack, what a great name! He’s already sent me off chasing after the nature of consciousness, the marriage of blogs and wikis, and the evolutionary benefits of cross-species mating.
He’s looking for contributors too:

And by the way, if you come across any interesting memes that I should post here; let me know. If you are reading this, you are probably the type of person who comes across a lot of interesting things. Please join my network of memetic reporters and help me find the early fingerprints of the most interesting and important memes that will shape the world tomorrow.

Maybe I should give him my domain. I’m not doing much with it! He’ll be good fodder for that link list once I get around to putting it up and documenting it.
Meanwhile, been posting some photos.

UPDATE: Nova gently corrected my assumption that he is a she. I have fixed the pronouns in the entry. By the way, that test of writing gender considers me female, at least based on the front page of X-POLLEN. [2003-08-21 11:19]






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  1. Rayne Avatar

    Dag nab it all, I don’t know how I missed this post! Good stuff at Spivack’s place, appreciate your pointer to that blog — adding to favs now. Thanks, xian!