Migrating from Radio to iBlog

Salon blogger Gnosis has migrated from Radio to iBlog and posted an entry explaining how to manage this migration while remaining part of the Salon blogs community:

It took several days longer than I expected, but Gnosis is moved, and I’ve settled down to the sort of code tinkering that’s an ongoing process for me. A few people asked me to document what I did. There were three major steps in this process:

  1. Moving existing content from the Salon server to my .mac server
  2. Creating new content on my .mac server using iBlog
  3. Integrating the old and new content

I’ll describe these steps as if I did everything right the first time (which I didn’t). If you want only to move your Radio UserLand Weblog to another server, step 1 will be of particular interest. If instead you want to switch from the Radio UserLand software, keep your existing content, and maintain the appearance of a single Weblog, you’ll need to pay attention to all three steps. [Gnosis]