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  • Music will continue until morale improves

    Music will continue until morale improves

    More music coming soon!

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    I lay awake a while back having returned recently from Paris by way of Dublin pondering why we sleep, a question I thought long ago routed by the much deeper why do we wake at all, when it came to me from that other brain: we sleep to digest. This website apparatus also benefits from…

  • Farewell to Typepad

    Typepad is cool. I beta-tested it, I’ve been a member since 2003. But I don’t really need it. I host my own MT blogs and there’s WordPress and so on. The blogs I set up on TP to test it suffer from neglect. Recently I was reminded of TP and went to log in only…

  • switching from MT to WordPress

    Matt Mullenweg announces that

  • Migrating from Movable Type to TypePad

    Quoting from Migration to TypePad, in which Brad De Long notes that Chuq Von Rospach is moving Teal Sunglasses and his other weblogs to TypePad: Old Internet Mountain Man Chuq Van Rospach is moving his weblogs to Typepad: Teal Sunglasses: blogquake! (ch-ch-ch-changes….): I’ve finally decided on what I want to do. Really — no, honest,…

  • MT to Radio to Blogger

    Steven Cohen explains why he has moved his blog first from Movable Type to Radio, and now from Radio to Blogger. [via Scripting News]