Migrating from Radio to Movable Type

A little more digging has yielded these links:
Bill Kearney
Moving from Radio to Movable Type
Bill is an outspoken detractor of Dave Winer’s and thus has a vested interest in facilitating people migrating.
Exporter tool for Radio
So far, the latest version of the Exporter tool is causing my instsanceof Radio to choke and crash. Bill doesn’t really support Mac users, but he’s looking into it for me.

UPDATE: Bill figured out what the problem was (improper encoding of he download that was confusing my web browser) and ultimately Exporter worked like a charm!

David Seidel : Wavicle
Radio to MT: Migrating the Data Archives
April 23, 2003
Seidel has some notes and suggestions for people using Kearney’s approach.
Tony Bowden: Understanding Nothing
Importing Radio Posts to MT
Tony Bowden offers an alternate approach, with a macro that should show all your posts on one page. So far I’m getting “[Macro error: Can’t call the script because the name “showAll” hasn’t been defined.]” even though I’ve put the file called showAll.txt containing his script in my /Macros/ folder.
Eric’s Weblog
Emergency site replacement
December 15, 2002
Another discussion of migrating from Radio to MT
Misses title-link shortcuts and wants to know how to migrate stories.
Migrating to Movable Type
October 03, 2002
Documents his own d.i.y. process: “Overall the entire process sucked.”
David Watson
June, 2002

It strikes me that content management software, particularly in the weblog space, is a lot like old mainframe stuff. How? Well, one of the reasons that big iron has stayed big for so long is that it’s really difficult to migrate out of 30 years of proprietary vertical market software. I’ve now got that problem with only a few months of experience with a content management system (CMS). I, of all people, should be well-aware of the problem since I worked on CMS stuff a few years ago but I’m probably asleep at the wheel. One thing that is clearly needed is something along the lines of RSS that would act as a glue format between content management systems so that migrating from one to the other wasn’t so damn hard. I’m not sure if anybody’s thinking about or working on this, but it’s clearly going to be an increasingly large problem moving forward since the content just keeps growing.

Besides the above, Google directed me to some of my own posts, less than useful in this circumstance, and to this one:
Migrating from MT to Drupal
initial link to it (via fuzzyblog) broken… found searching root site for ‘migrate’ – hate the nodes!






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  1. Movable Theoblogical Avatar

    Christian Crumlish has moved over

    Christian Crumlish has moved over to MT.  He lists one of my MT posts as one in a list of “migration issues”…

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    Radio to MT migration issues

    Link Christian Crumlish has moved over to MT.  He lists one of my MT posts as one in a list of “migration issues”…