More media junk

I’m still in the process of unifying my blogroll and my subscribed news feeds. Just added Gawker (and its excerpts will appear on the Mediajunkie page) for that New York expatriate feel.
Now I just have to remember to add, another one that escapes me for days at a time till an inevitable link in brings me back. I do wish there was a standard transferable way to do categories in an OPML file. (I know I can manually add categories, but none of the aggregrators will respect them.)
A nice thing about is the ability to make multiple lists (I think it’s up to two for free users and unlimited for paid users). In Movable Type, I know people who use the template modules feature to create sidebar elements like link lists, and then include them in various templates, which at least means you can manage them in a single location. TypePad reportedly has some link management features built in.