Pinging a Radio weblog

Jake Savin, a very cool guy who works at UserLand, is demoing a Radio weblog with incoming Trackback pings turned on in this entry: Jake’s Radio ‘Blog: Wed, Jul 23, 2003.
This post should work.
The other half would be enabling Radio users to send Trackback pings when posting links to incoming-Trackback-enabled sites. (And telling us how he turned on incoming-Trackback on his blog!)

UPDATE: It has failed several times now. Zempt didn’t autodiscover the trackback URL, the MT bookmarklet did, but autodiscovered something wrong, with double encoded &ersands and too many arguments (it appeared, I didn’t save it). Then I handpasted the$trackback?u=1000&p=843 trackback URL for Jake’s post directly into the box in MT and still it doesn’t seem to have registered on Jake’s comment server. I am hesitating to repeat the manual experiment in case there is some delay in realtime updating of his trackback popup window for that entry.

Third time’s the charm? [Thu, July 24, 2003 1:11PM PST]