Movable Free Blogistan

It’s ugly, but we’ve migrated. This is the first new post to Radio Free Blogistan directly via Movable Type. All the old entries have been imported over, with their category information preserved. They will be published to new individual, daily, and monthly archives without overwriting the page written by Radio in the past. That’s the situation for the time being, anyway.
The CSS design still retains some problems from the way I merged the templates, and there are still some placeholders where useful Radio features are not immediately matched by Movable Type features (I’ll itemize them eventually, but if you look in my sidebar now you’ll see all my notes to myself).
There are formatting problems that make some of the monthly archives nutso. I’m sure there will continue to be moving pains, but the hard work is done, I think.
Next I will set up radio as an autopublishing aggregator to anthologize Salon bloggers and other people I like in one convenient location. Still working on a name for this new Salon blog that will inherit the old hitcount of RFB.