This post kills fascists

Over at, I saw a tag, “this website kills fascists” and it reminded me of how Levi Asher put “this website kills fascists on one of his early sites, possibly Queensboro Ballads. So I did a little simple memetracking at Google. A basic search on “kills fascists” yielded a page full of links to the original Woody Guthrie reference (the sticker, I think it was, that read “this machine kills fascists” that he had stuck on his guitar).
So then I did a search to skip the machine results (+this “kills fascists” -machine). That brought up a lot of results related to a site called This Pirate Kills Fascists and to the phrase “this computer kills fascists.” A search to skip those (+this “kills fascists” -machine -computer -pirate”) came up with a more varied set of results, including:

Other things that kills fascists: this radio, this poem, this mix tape, this music, I also heard she, this amp, this comic, this CD, this grin, this sound, you don’t care about the whereabouts of a gun, as long as it, this Canuck.






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  1. Caesar Martini Avatar
    Caesar Martini
    view source, first comment reads “This Machine Kills Fascists” Pretty weird, huh? Okay, maybe not.

  2. pete Avatar

    I believe I read in Cometbus zine long ago that the hobo-type guys who lived in boxcars in Minneapolis would spray paint “This paint kills fascists” onto the boxcars in the hopes of scaring away the authorities…

  3. Danny Avatar

    I remember just around the time of the Falklands War arguing with a friend about the morality of Thatcher going to war with Galtieri. I thought it totally evil (still do) that the main reason for the war seemed to be to get Thatcher, an venomous right-winger, back in power. My friend (who had left-wing tendencies) reckoned that it was justifiable because it was fighting a dictatorship. See where this is going? Yup :
    “this fascist kills fascists”