MovableBlog reviews TypePad

TypePad launched as a preview release yesterday (Tuesday, August 5 – or, technically, 11:59 pm Pacific time, Monday, August 4).
MovableBLOG offers a brief review of TypePad, pros and cons. I’ve been writing about the beta since I got in on it a few weeks ago.
The most interesting issues, I think, are the pricing choices and the features included at each price point. The Basic service has to compete with free services like Blogger, and doesn’t include the photo albums feature. The Plus service permits multiple blogs (up to 3) but doesn’t allow for guest authors (which even free Blogger does). But they have to slice up the feature set in a way that seems cost-effective and marketable to them, and they’re always free to evolve the offerings as time goes on.
For myself, I compromised on a Plus account, so that I can use TypePad in my various teaching and training contexts, but continue to rely on Movable Type for most of the power-user applications. I’m looking forward to Movable Type Pro!
What I’d like to do is come up with some good fresh idea for my TypePad blog, since what’s there now is just my usual off-the-cuff blathering. TypePad’s home page right now features two blogs, Matt Haughey’s PVRblog and Christina Ray’s Glowlab. We all knew Mathowie could crank out a useful website covering a geek technology (TiVo’s and their ilk) in his sleep, but Christina Ray’s weblogs are revalatory. It never ceases to amaze me how artists will subvert any available medium and bend it to their creative will.
By the way, as a TypePad beta tester I’ve been given 20 “friends and family” type discount codes for new TypePad signups. I am going to reserve half of them for people I actually know who may be curious about blogging and ready to try it, but I will give away the other 10 to Radio Free Blogistan readers. Just leave me a comment or send me an email message if you are interested. First come, first served.






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  1. azeem Avatar

    Hey… got a discount code??

  2. Jonathan Smith Avatar

    I would like a discount code, please.

  3. Albert Delgado Avatar

    You can pass a discount my way….

  4. Gary Young Avatar

    I’m interested in a discount code, too. Thanks.

  5. anand Avatar

    I hope, I am not too late for a discount code :-)
    Kindly send one across in my direction as well …

  6. David Wilson Avatar
    David Wilson

    I’d like the discount for typepad.
    I have a question for you also. I am considering Radio Userland as well. What is your opinion of the plus and minuses of both systems?

  7. Gigi Liu Avatar
    Gigi Liu

    Hello, is there any chance you have any more discount codes to share? TIA if you do! :)

  8. Natalie Davis Avatar

    Oh please tell me there is one left. Blogger bites.

  9. Are Halland Avatar

    I would simply *love* to get a discount code!

  10. Roger Karraker Avatar
    Roger Karraker

    Hey, Christian,
    By my count all 10 of your codes are gone now. But if I’ve miscounted, I’d appreciate one. Thanks. See you on The Well (

  11. fool Avatar

    [vulgar comment spam deleted

  12. Natalie Davis Avatar

    Thank you thank you thank you! Typepad is SO superior to Blogger. Your generosity quite literally has changed my Web life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.