Operation Iraqi Liberation

It’s been over three weeks since this (Who’s leading Who?) appeared in my in-box and it still creeps me out every time I go take a look.
I think it’s the phallic nose.
And, no, I’ve never thought this conflict was merely about oil, but it still amuses me to imagine the operation named as above.






One response to “Operation Iraqi Liberation”

  1. David Thompson Avatar
    David Thompson

    Even though the war appears to be over it still doesnt make it right, all of the international organisations which we rely on to keep world peace have been fucked in the ass by the americans.
    They are now in violation of the un mandate which is far more severe than 17 resolutions which Saddam has not adhered to(by the way the usa are in violation of more than that, i’ll list them if you want yasser!!). Will we see sanctions imposed on the USA, you can bet your bottomless oil dollars you wont.
    The usa will tell us it took 3 weeks to collapse the regime (don’t lecture me on the evils of saddam, i know what he is done and how destructive he has been) but it has taken them 13 years.
    It all began with Operation Desert Storm and raids have continued almost weekly since. Throw in the weapons inspectors to make sure they had no way of defence before the ‘liberation’ began and 11 years of crippling sanctions and its a lot more than a 3 week war.
    No chemical weapons found, no biological weapons found, none used in defence by Iraq either. So hat’s the reason for this war? the liberation of the Iraqi people? Don’t make me laugh. Why the Iraqis and not others who live under dictators? Oh yeah, I forgot, easy target – they made sure they’d no food, no developing infrastructure, no weapons and no chance.
    To see schools, hospitals, palaces and even the UN building being looted today made me sick. It is the responsibility of an occupying army to prevent looting, none of you give two oil barrels about Iraq or the Iraqi people. Mr Franks, Mr Powell, Mr Rumsfeld, Mr Straw, Mr Cheney, Mr Blair and Mr Bush, you were defenders of the Geneva Convention last week, today your soldiers were in violation of it again. If you cared about the Iraqi people you would not have killed over a thousand of the innocent ones, not to mention the half a million children from sanctions, shame on you all. You make me sick.