Protesters chant 'Save the shire'

Sauron sign (thumb)
Scot Hacker has posted a series of photos from the antiwar protest in S.F. yesterday.
Great images. A fine contrast to the sourmouthing coming from the pro-war crowd.
I didn’t attend. B wanted to bring a sign saying “No Bush War on the Environment” but we didn’t have it together. Let the tea-leaf readers interpret that as a vote of support for the powers that be at their peril.
So, Scot, were there closer to 50,000 people there or 350,000?






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  1. Scot Hacker Avatar

    Thanks for the props – was an amazing day. I’m no statistician and am even worse at estimated crowd sizes – if the pros can’t get it right, who can? – but I’d say 50,000 is way low. Whether it’s low for propagandic reasons or not is another question…