Quayle’s brain likes Dean’s chances

Like Brooks used to be, Kristol is one of those Republican (yes, neoconservative) pundits who isn’t afraid to go against the talking points. He seems to get a bye somehow, maybe as a kind of jester or cassandra.
His column in the WashPost today, How Dean Could Win, cuts through the fog of the otherwise unbroken drumbeat from most op ed columnists: Dean is crazy (Krauthammer), an angry liar (Brooks), unelectable (Kristof, et al.), the candidate Bush most wants to run against (Rove, ibid.).
As a Dean supporter, I would prefer it if the Republicans continue misunderestimating him as long as possible. As a campaign volunteer, I don’t think I can fully convey the sense of energy and enthusiasm and joy animating the “early adopters,” so I won’t.






One response to “Quayle’s brain likes Dean’s chances”

  1. Karen Avatar

    I wonder how many people who didn’t like Clinton, maybe never voted for Clinton, like Dean this election. I find that among people I know (including myself and my husband) and people whose comments I read on line.