Quayle’s brain likes Dean’s chances

· long story short

Like Brooks used to be, Kristol is one of those Republican (yes, neoconservative) pundits who isn’t afraid to go against the talking points. He seems to get a bye somehow, maybe as a kind of jester or cassandra.
His column in the WashPost today, How Dean Could Win, cuts through the fog of the otherwise unbroken drumbeat from most op ed columnists: Dean is crazy (Krauthammer), an angry liar (Brooks), unelectable (Kristof, et al.), the candidate Bush most wants to run against (Rove, ibid.).
As a Dean supporter, I would prefer it if the Republicans continue misunderestimating him as long as possible. As a campaign volunteer, I don’t think I can fully convey the sense of energy and enthusiasm and joy animating the “early adopters,” so I won’t.