Radio does trackback

I just got pinged by Don Park. It kind of tickles.
Jake Savin has completed work on Trackback for Radio. It looks very cool. It seems to do the autodiscovery and outgoing pinging automatically based on your entry links (so you can’t selectively ping or not, unless you don’t link).
Actually Don’s entry pinged me twice, but I’ll manually delete the second one. There might be an issue when pages rebuild? or when archive pages repeat the ping? I’ve linked to him here in MT and I’m manually pinging him as well. Not sure if that will produce one or two pings.
Anyway, very cool for Radio. I will have to think about including it in Mediajunkie, which could be confusing. I may have to wait till I think of a new use for Radio.

UPDATE: It looks like it tried to ping Don twice once with an escaped ampersand:$trackback?u=112479&p=793 and once without:$trackback?u=112479&p=793. Not sure which if either or both will hit the mark.






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  1. sadasg Avatar

    Your radio their no good