Radio has blog-to-email

John Robb reminds me that Radio and Manila both have blog-to-email bridges (and both have post-by-email as well), in response to my Weblog-to-email plug-in? query.
Radio users can go to to turn on a service that sends weblog headlines by email to an address you specify. When I tried using this feature I ran into a problem: it stopped mailiing me after the first few. Then I forgot about it. I should try it again sometime when I’m tinkering with Radio some more.
John also reminded me of Mark Pasc’s phenomenal set of plug-ins for Radio.
Now that John is independent of UserLand, it’s good to see his enthusiasm for Radio undiminished. When he returned at his Mindplex site, Burningbird alluded to some disagreements with him in the past and John said something like, “she’s confusing me with my old job.”
But here’s the thing, isn’t that the tricky part of a job like that as an official blogger for a company (whether it’s a weblog-software company or not)? We are either to assume that the person is the job, or that the job-centric persona is in some ways less authentic than the real off-duty “me” inside.
To put it more simply, an employee blogging for one’s company on one’s company’s own server is ignoring Robb’s Law.






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