Ranking redux

· long story short

Christian suggested I share my top-ten ranking of the Democratic candidates….
It’s a rich field, with a whole generation’s worth of 50-60 year-olds taking their best shot. You could make the case that this is the most top-heavy collection we’ve seen from either party in three decades.
There are five I like (Clark, Dean, Edwards, Kerry, Lieberman), one I like, but who’s been statistically insignificant (Braun), and four that I’d rather see bow out:

  • Graham – a good man. Experienced. Respected. Admiral Stockdale.
  • Gephardt – another good guy. And more likable these last few weeks than he’s been in years. But it’s hard to get past his role in the painfully passive 2002 elections.
  • Kucinich – yet another man of character. But just too far to the left. Too far. Hard to believe I’m actually saying that. If my misspent youth were a bag of Lays Potato Chips, spilling onto the living room floor, that “dink” you just heard would be the very last chip-fragment, bouncing lifelessly off tile.
  • Sharpton – Very funny on The Daily Show the other night. But I grew up in the NY area. And the whole Tawana Brawley mess left me with such a negative impression of Sharpton that, funny or not, I’d really rather he stepped off the stage.

One last thought for your consideration:
Lieberman has a huge asset that’s being completely overlooked. His name, “Lieberman,” it’s German for “lover man,” or “man who loves.” Seriously. I checked with my dad. So, like, if he was president, and he went to Germany, and he walked into a room, if he said “hi,” the German people in that room could greet him in their native tongue by saying: “Hello, President Loverman.”