Real Live Preacher has a book deal

Hugely popular pseudonymous Salon blogger Real Live Preacher announced that he has been offered a book deal with Eerdmans (he also had an offer from Jossey-Bass):

What does this mean for the blog? Chuck and I agree that the blog must continue. If I didn’t have the blog driving me, I’d just go back to watching the Simpsons every night. So the blog will be my writing tool. The interesting challenge will be discovering how to merge blog content with book content. I’m impressed with Chuck and with Eerdmans for being willing to think in new ways. We’ll see how it works out. I may have to take a short break from the blog from time to time so that I can produce something unique for the book, but I remain very committed to blogging.

RLP now joins Julie of the Julie/Julia project in this elite company of Salon bloggers with book deals directly attributable to their popular weblogs. (You might throw in Susannah Breslin as well, whose book-writin’ career seems to have gotten a boost from her now-defunct Reverse Cowgirl blog.)
RLP is considering whether to publish the book under his pen name or to out himself when the time comes.