RFB obsolete

One nice thing about the LazyWeb is that if you get tired of doing something, don’t worry about it. There are probably other people already out there doing it, possibly better than you were.
I’m sort of in a dilemma with Radio Free Blogistan. I’ve put a lot of energy over the last year making this blog the center of my nanopublishing efforts, but there’s an inherently self limiting for this type of metacommenting on the medium itself stuff. It gets boring (for me, at least), and it becomes besides the point if the new medium or form or whatever blogging is takes hold, as it has.
Do I gently fold RFB into another one of my sites and continue to consolidate weblogs? That would make my life a little less insane. But then I’d lose the subcategories, etc., and RFB has its own domain already, blah blah blah. Plus I am dining out to some extent on being a self-appointed weblog expert (as with my upcoming Seybold seminar on weblogging and WOW session on syndication), so I guess keeping RFB as its own flagship location for blogging-related stuff makes sense.
Still, I don’t see myself feeling compelled to acknowledge the Blogathon or post about the latest blog meme du jour (unless it happens to be about syndication or migration, in which case I still seem to be obsessed). So maybe I need to ratchet down a bit and start writing longer entries and posting less frequently.
What else can I do to fight burnout? Invite others to post here? Organize the archives so it’s easier to find the best material? Go lie in my hammock and blog less? Sit in the backyard rereading Guns, Germs, and Steel and have a sudden idea about calling my new TypePad blog nota bene and using it to take notes on everything, and then being annoyed that I had no pen or input device to jot the idea and potential name down with?
Fortunately, on the all-import microexamination of blogging’s pores and hair folicles, well established sites like Blogroots and Corante on Blogging, among others, do a great job of tracking the phenomenon, and ambitious new sites, such as The Blogonian and The Blog Herald are coming up all the time.
I noticed the Aussie Herald when they pinged and commented me recently about my spur of the moment Don McLean parody of American Pie. Since they are now sponsoring a contest inviting people to record my lyrics. But American Pie is famously something like ten verses long and all I did was scratch out one verse of doggerel, but no one else has stepped up to fill in more of the gaps, so I’ve actually been working on it.
I just posted the second verse to the original entry (that’s where it’s all gonna go, so I don’t break any links), and while getting this entry together and a few other things I think I’ve got a third verse ready too.
I’m well aware of scansion problems, awkward phrasing, mordant geek humor, terrible puns, weak analogies to the original lyrics, and not really knowing what mordant means.
I invite anyone and everyone to improve my drafts. RefactorOK! I know my Creative Commons License says no derivative works, but I consider there parody lyrics to be a collaborative effort with anyone who wants to participate, especially if you can make things better. I reserve to right to publish my canonical version at the entry linked above.
A warning: Don’t try to make sense of it! It’s all a joke, one designed to have Ph.D. students scratching their jacksockets 15 years hence.
Back to the Blog Herald, I like the way they take the piss out of the blogging vaction meme and their discovery that Anil Dash is a bloke (and not a sheila) almost had me dashing off a quick-and-terrible parody (what is this, a disease) to the tune of Rock the Casbah, something like “Ani-i-il’s a bloke, yeah. Not a sheila! Not a sheila!” etc.
Hey, it’s the weekend. Anyway, I’m going to go and post verse three now.






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  1. The Blog Herald Avatar

    The day the blogging died continues

    Christian Crumlish from Radio Free Blogistan has added 3 extra verses to the excellent The Day the Blogging Died, increasing the opportunity for a signing blogger to win the $20 USD prize on offer in the First Blog Herald Challenge….