Travels with Amit

Amit Kothari tells me he’s set up a weblog as a travelogue (a travelblog? travel(bl)og? travelog?) for his upcoming trip called Welcome to Europe 2003.
This seems like a natural use for a short-lived or one-off weblog. I remember Philip Greenspun’s Travels with Samantha as one of the first proofs-of-concept for a creative interweb.
Amit is a “UK student / trader / writer / traveller /web designer” and a “big fan of the Beats.” He says “I thought I’d do a blog that reads like a beat book,” and pointed me at his photo galleries.
This is not Amit’s first travelog. For example, he wrote a journal (with lots of photos) covering a month in Mexico.
Amit’s personal weblog is Big Babble Blog.






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  1. Amit Avatar

    Thanks Xian for your mention. The Europe travelogue is now declared complete from the first to the last – with photo galleries. Hope you enjoyed it. All my best wishes Amit