RSS feeds for Channel Z nodes?

This is a question for Dave Winer but maybe Andrew Grumet or someone else who has insight into Dave’s latest innovations in weblog concepts could take a stab at it too:
I assume each of the nodes in the aggregator hierarchy will have RSS feeds (or may already have XML renderings available)? The XML icons on their pages currently all point to today’s root.
I’d love to subscribe to the feed for Politics / Presidential Election of 2004 over at Oakland for Dean or a new Deadheads for Dean site ideas I’m toying with.
Assuming an RSS feed for that node is availabe, would it include (transclude?) new items in its subfolders, or would I also want to subscribe to the Dean one, the other candidates’ ones, etc.?
I realize this is in the midst of being baked, but in the spirit of bootstrapping, figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.






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  1. MSM Avatar

    Perhaps I’m missing some subtlety to Dave’s experiments, but isn’t an awful lot of Channel Z’s functionality already present in blogging tools like Blosxom (, which allow arbitrary category hierarchies, date-driven hierarchies, and RSS feeds at any point in either hierarchy?