Salon bloggin'

Give me The Raven on the State of the Union over The Bleat on the same any day..
A few new Salon blogs have caught my busy eye lately: Fiona, for instance, and Hyperbole. Both are well written and have built up a nice head of steam. Fiona’s also now posting great cartoons (Salon, hire her before the VC money runs out! oops). Hyperbole features medium-length essays. Good food for thought, some politics. You know, a blog.
Oh, and while not a new one, Pesky the Rat is amazing. I don’t know why I hadn’t stumbled over it yet. (Can you say self-absorbed?) I really liked the Nancy Pelosi faces of doom, and the guest editorial defending tax cuts for the superrrich by Janet the Snake, author of Slander: Rodent Lies about Animals that Eat Rodents, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg over there.