Standing Room Only at Live from the Blogosphere!

name tagPreliminary reports are coming in from SRO (see the entry following the one I’ve linked here as well, although he mentions sighting me—or another xian?—there when as far as I know I was still here up north at the time):

Dear Bloggers:

Well, the jig is up. I’ve seen you. I went to the Live at the Blogosphere and I have to say, you were, well, different than I imagined. It’s funny how you picture people and then meet them and they’re a little shorter? Pudgier? Dressed weird? I dunno, but You were different.

Dude, we’re geeks! (Most of us anyway.) This is still a very fringe activity, even if the statisticians have already called “game over” on the race for fame and fortune.

You were a star, I’ll say that much. The place was packed. Outside was someone looking at the Webcast on a computer while someone else took a picture of them while I watched. I was watching someone take a picture of someone watching a webcast of something that was Ten Feet Away. All of this on the street where they filmed part of Bladerunner. That, of course, pretty much sums up Blogging.

As the cliché goes, “Read the whole thing.”