The Bush-haters meme

David Neiwert has ably deconstructed the equivalency argument that equates opposition to Bush with the rabid Clinton-hating of the last decade.






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  1. william m cooper Avatar

    “William M. Cooper” wrote:
    Subject: This is the letter Is sent the New York Times
    …. I think that even if you don’t find as much as a
    primer to a bullet cartridge, you have still found
    thousands of body parts of the thousands of innocent
    civilians who were butchered at the hands of a madman.
    You have unending stories of the victims coming
    forward and testifying of the brutality that they
    lived in every day. You have the Kurds who were
    gassed to death. Not soldiers, but women and
    children. You have the jubilation of the freed people
    as they tore down the statues of their tormentor and
    beat the head of it with the bottom of their shoes;
    which for them was the highest insult to offer up.
    You do the President, Great Britton’s Prime Minister,
    the military forces from differing contries and their
    sending nations a great injustice by calling the war a
    bad move to have taken. To clarify this position;
    what if Hitler hadn’t been grabbing all the countries
    he did, but kept to all his secret projects and his
    genecidal activities. Would we not had gone after him
    once we learned just how brutal he was and how
    murderous his power over the peoples of Europe had
    become? Perhaps you would have wrote then something
    like: “well it’s only Jews, Gypsies, Retards,
    Handicappers, Elderly, Ministers and a mixed group of
    nonGermans, so why waste the fuel and manpower?”. I’m
    so sick to my stomach to say, that the way the news
    and Democrats are using airtime and prose for nothing
    better than showing the world your total contempt for
    the suffering masses around the world. A very
    obnoxious and macabre way to slam the integrity of a
    man you obviously want to loose the next election,
    while doing it over the tombs of those whose blood
    cries out for some justice, and protection to those
    they leave behind. The media was so biased against
    the then, Governor Bush during Bush’s election that it
    really opened the eyes of a lot of people who saw your
    tactics. But you still didn’t learn anything. When
    the war started, the networks started the propaganda
    machinery all over again and lost ratings, because of
    their baseless cries of destruction to the American
    Military and other such nonsense. Now you’re at it
    again with slam articles about not finding weapons of
    mass destruction.
    I think you and every body else who has verbated all
    the parties previously mentioned, owes President Bush
    and Prime Minister Blair, and all the other noble men
    and women who freed the multiple people groups who
    were brutalized in Iraq a huge and resounding pat on
    the back for what they did do and not what a madman
    with ample warning was able to successfully ship
    accross his borders and hide before the war started.
    The intelligence that the President used was also from
    previously found items that were found before the war
    by UN inspectors who saw the illegal hardware with
    their own eyes. So continue the antiBush/Blair
    stance you seem to be insanely devoted to, but you’ll
    not find a sympathetic ear from me, because it is
    obvious that your minds are so polluted with
    prejudice, that every thing appears evil in your eyes,
    even when good is all around and in clear sight.
    I say this to your shame.
    For our noble President, England’s Prime Minister, the
    troops, the victims, the grieving mothers, fathers,
    children of Iraq.
    William M. Cooper
    1227 W. Kenedy #52
    Kingsville, TX. 78363