The first AOL journal (blog) I've seen

Via Hylton Joliffe I’ve clicked through to an AOL Journal called sound & fury. The branding at the top (below the generic AOL nav) reads “AOL Journals: Your Thoughts. Your Blog.”
I was hoping I could find my way from that blog to other AOL blogs but there doesn’t seem to be any central jumping-off point (or blogroll/sidebar, for that matter).






3 responses to “The first AOL journal (blog) I've seen”

  1. Stan Avatar

    Go to the bottom of that new AOL journal page, click on “What is RSS” and read the bottom line:
    “Note: This link is not meant to be viewed in a web browser.” Eventually they will get aboard the cluetrain, just a we had to. AOL is making a great effort.

  2. xian Avatar

    I thought that was a pretty good explanation of RSS. I’m not sure what you mean (XML isn’t meant to be viewed in a web browser…) .

  3. Gwen Avatar

    In case you missed it en route, Anil posted a link to one of the AOL Blogs designers thoughts:
    And re: the RSS pages opening in your reader from browser, it seems you would be able to specify this in the file helpers in your browser’s prefs. I tried doing it but I am not smart enough.