The RFB logo

Well, first of all the name Radio Free Blogistan was meant to conjure up images of the US broadcasting Radio Free Europe and other propaganda stations into the Soviet-dominated region during the cold war. I think at first I was going to make RFB a political blog, and I thought the idea was like sending political messages into the savage (right-wing dominated) regions of Blogistan.

Then I had a conversation with a friend about the name and the fact that I wanted to customize the design outside of the Salon template, and he suggested something like Futurism or one of the other Soviet-era art movements. So I think I did a image search on futurism or constructivism and I eventually found a page like this one, although not that exact one, along with some other images of Soviet posters.

I tediously cut and pasted the characters from the sample alphabet (I wanted the A in Radio to suggest a broadcasting radio tower, so that’s why I picked the one with the accent mark), and grabbed some of the other images and pulled together the design that can still be seen on my old story pages.

That design wasn’t popular, though. Too busy and distracting, and it didn’t scroll well for some browsers, so I went through a series of more simple designs, but kept the logo, after changing its proportions a bit. I guess that’s the whole story.

The CafePress t-shirts and mugs for RFB (never promoted) still feature a few of those images.

Meanwhile, Liza offered to develop a new logo, so I gather she doesn’t like the current one. :^)