Job of the future: ghostblogger

Robert Scoble, Longhorn evenagelist and MS-koolaid-blogger says that he’d love to writes Bill Gates’ blog:

Christopher Coulter asked me “Scoble, what’s your dream job?” I answered: “next to being Bill Gates, I imagine there wouldn’t be a job I’d love more than being Bill Gates ghost weblogger.”

Course, if I +did+ get that job, I know that I’d never be able to tell anyone that I had it. But, imagine what it’d be like to have a conversation with Bill every day, find out what he’s thinking about, write that up, get it approved, and click “publish” on something that you knew millions of people would read?
I imagine that if I were ever offered something like that (yes, Eric Rudder, I’ll do yours too! ) it’d be very challenging because my style is to write very quickly as a stream of thought kind of thing. I’d need to completely change my style so that you couldn’t easily pick up that it wasn’t Bill writing it.
BlogActing. Hmmm. I still think that’d be an unbelieveable job. Well, one can dream. [The Scobleizer Weblog]