There's also the 'memes' category

Another place the Onion article could be listed is under Memes, which is a safe place to stow any link that is currently riding the popularity charts in the blogosphere…
So, there are some unanswered questions embedded in earlier entries. I’ll try to sift them out soon, but they include deciding if having our editorial discussions in public is a good idea or a bad idea, and discussing some of the home page elements and deciding what to keep and what to remove.
For example, RFB currently features my Memewatch link log, which isn’t categorized and deals not just with blogs but with basically any low-threshold link I want to publish. (In fact, I linked to the Onion article and the Blogger follow-up there a few days ago.)
I like putting my link log on all my sites, but this is not just my site anymore, so maybe it shouldn’t be there?
We could make a new category for briefly noted links and exclude it from the main blog area and then list it in the sidebar.
Anyway, I will pull out the unanswered questions and post them here, probably tomorrow.