Tech writer changes her mind about blogs

After dismissing weblogging as just another technology-assisted fad, writer Chris Shipley has reconsidered and started writing a blog herself himself (actually, two blogs, both listed at Shipley’s website).
In The Blog Nation, Shipley cites several reasons why she he now believes weblogs are a publishing medium with innovative potential. Among them, she he says, is the ability to publish instantly:

The frequency issue is perhaps not what you imagine. It’s not that having a blog enables me to publish more often, but rather than I can publish in the moment. I can post when I am most engaged with a new idea, captivated by some insight or issue. Is the frequency daily, hourly, monthly? It doesn’t matter so much when, but at what point – the point of inspiration.

UPDATE: Corrections made at 5:48 PST 2003-11-15 based on the first comment. On the downside, I lose points for having assumed that Chris was male. On the upside, my G quotient just went up.






3 responses to “Tech writer changes her mind about blogs”

  1. sinecure di siracusa Avatar
    sinecure di siracusa

    Chris is a woman.

  2. Scott Mace Avatar

    Christian, I only found one blog at Chris Shipley’s site. Where is the other one?

  3. xian Avatar

    The other one is somewhat well hidden (I found it under What I Write)… It’s called Chris’s Product Quick Takes. The primary one is Chris Shipley on Tech-Driven Change.