Things I’m doing today to keep from feeling too blue

· long story short

1. Finished the Franken book. That chapter on the Wellstone memorial is amazing. If you read nothing else in the book, read that one chapter. Angry. Honest. Uplifting.
2. Listened to Steve Martin off Fresh Air/NPR. I taped this the other day on my boom box. The tape had Simon and Garfunkel on it and you can still hear about 15% Simon and Garfunkel to the 85% Steve Martin in the mix. Sometimes there’s inappropriate applause, which is nice.
(If anyone wants me to send them that tape when I’m done, to minimize their own Arnold blues, send me an email at and I’ll ship it over. First come first serve, and all that.)
3. Played an old Leon Russell CD.
4. Had a bowl of soup at lunch.
5. Ate some cheese.
6. Thought about all those Kennedy’s up on there on stage and how that really gripes my socks. But then decided that it probably griped the collective socks of the far right even more.
7. Let myself believe that we’ll all look back on this as the pivotal moment that led to Democrat (?) Will Smith winning the presidency in a 2012 landslide. My “Fresh Prince of DC” bumper stickers are ready to go.
8. Ate more cheese.
And you?