This sounds like a job for the Rooster.

I’m reliably informed that many of the “w4m” ads in the “Casual Encounters” section of craigslist, especially the ones with size-queen overtones (raw language in that link), are actually from gay (or “bi-curious?”) men trolling for cock photos. The real women, I gather, tend to (none of this is ever 100%) request face shots when they ask for photos and many specifically say don’t bother sending a picture of your package. (I guess the saddest thing must be trying to get dates with a picture of someone else’s unit – sad on so many levels).
I tend to write about pornography. Most of my interests in art and writing and publishing and to a lesser extent the techniques and technologies of both eventually intersect with the sex trade. It is already an old saw online that of course pornographers pioneer the medium – they always have. How long did it take for those French photos to appear over a century ago. How long after the Gutenberg’s Bibles was some printer running off “St. Germaine’s School for Naughty Mädchens”? The VCR, the same.
So when I stick a Beeline novel-type hack writer into one of my stories, (Beeline was one of those brands of dirty books you could find in airport newsstands in bigger cities), or have someone doing music for porn vids in another, or portray a pop-up ad, pro-am web porn pyramid scheme in my unfinished dot.scam novel.
None of the aforementioned stories (Only Way Free, Mercury Blues, Wellspring) are available yet. I don’t think there’s any pornesque material in No Bird but an Invisible Thing.