Tracking *echo

A new TypePad blog, Fecho has assigned itself the mission of “following the syndication framework formerly known as Echo.”
List, thus far very short lists, of people in the right column are divided into Fechers and Fechless.
So far there’s a hello world and some comments on John Robb‘s abrupt-seeming departure from Userland. His old site is now offline, but I assume he still owns a copy of Radio and he’s always sounded committed to that architecture, so I’d look for him to start posting to a account soon, or from the domain of his prospective weblog network idea.






One response to “Tracking *echo”

  1. Danny Avatar

    Thanks for the reference.
    I’m still trying to figure out how to do the blog, so suggestion welcome. I’m dropping the Fechers/Fechless links, and am going to try and comment on recent changes to the Wiki daily.