Weblog Review needs help

Offers textads to finance a domain-name crisis:

Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 16:53:39 -0600

Ok, here is the deal. TWR is having major problems with the registration company. And unfortunatly the issue cannot be resolved quickly without money.

Short version is that they are claiming I didn’t renew the domain. Now the site is in what is known as a “redemption period”. Bad news is that it costs $100 to take it out of redemption. Even more bad news is that I do not have this money because I just physically moved which cost me almost $1500.

So now I am asking for help from all of you. Anyone who has even $1 that they can spare I will be forever thankful. For every $1 that you donate, I will give you 1000 text ads on The Weblog Review (when it gets back up and running) and a big thank you on the main page. So please donate if you want to help.






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  1. Liz Avatar

    Done. Hope it helps.