Two faces of Karl Rove

Months ago I suggested someone should be running a RoveWatch blog, and I nominated Oliver Willis. Oliver said that he felt that we should keep our focus on Bush and not any of his handlers, because of the way elections work. Bush is the front-man for the team, and so politically I agree with Oliver.
However, the Plame Affair now seems to bring Rove into play, either as an approver, an initiator, or an accessory after the fact (he supposedly made a number of calls after the Novak column in which he told reporters that Wilson’s wife was now “fair game”).
Now, to complement the Esquire article (“Why Are These Man Laughing?”) that exposed the Mayberry Machiavelli complaints of John DiIulio and hinted at Rove’s ruthless techniqes, we have this article by The Guardian’s Washington correspond, Julian Border (Boy Genius or Turd Blossom?), playing on two of the president’s “affectionate” nicknames for his svengali.
The fellow who wrote Bush’s Brain (check his name, Jim or something Moore) has been all over the media lately, claiming that this agent-outing has all the hallmarks of a Rove dirty trick. He also makes the point that without Rove Bush never would have been governor of Texas, let alone President of the United States. According to Moore, Rove essentially molded George W. Bush the politician out of the raw clay of George W. Bush the goodtime semi-incompetent influence-peddling cheerleader.






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  1. Laura in DC Avatar

    I am not quite sure why Karl Rove is not already in jail for his involvement in Watergate.