What does the PC stand for?

Sometimes the only thing more entertaining than Craigslist personals is the CL job listings. Take this one, PCBootyCall.com Model Recruiter Wanted.
Apparently, “PCBootyCall.com is a new promotional service for adult models in the USA.” They’re seeking “professional and responsible” female escorts, dancers, and “adult companions” (high quality only) to advertise presumably on their site. Apparently PCBootyCall.com will be unique, especially when compared to Eros-Guide, Lovings, Spectator Magazine and no doubt countless other massage and escort listings nationwide.
The CL ad is for recruiters to “get the word out in the adult community.” Interestingly, the unique thing seems to be that “models” in fact don’t have to pay for space at PCBootycall. “We provide models with their own web page, advertising, online appointment setting, fantasy auctions and more at no cost to them.”
So what’s the business plan? So, is this some kind of multilevel marketing for procurers? A pimper’s pyramid scheme? Not quite. Recruiters get a base fee (based on what revenue?) plus a “commission on her first three appointments.”
So, it sounds like the site gets a referral fee for each appointment, the first three of which it splits with the recruiter. I wonder if this involved more legal exposure than the sites I mentioned abov, which function more like the ad pages in the back of your local “alternative” weekly tabloid.
If you’ve got contacts in the adult community, here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor:

PCBootyCall.com is growing rapidly thanks to our Fantasy Auctions, Internet Reservations process, and of course our lovely models!






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