What I can say

Wasted literally over a hour this morning re-reading irritating threads that led in many ways to the nEcho project. When my blood pressure returns to normal, I may point to some of them just to remind people of how we got where we are now.
Meanwhile, I was delighted to learn that I’ve been included in the second round of beta testing for TypePad. I can’t say much, but according to the limited nondisclosure terms, “I can indicate that [I am] a beta tester and [I] can link to [my] TypePad weblog, if [I] so desire.”
But that implies, then, that I better be careful not to discuss features and/or other verboten topics in the blog, which is already pinging weblogs.com and blo.gs.
I’ve actually set up two blogs there already, to try out variations. The first is the one called Linotype that I linked to above. The other is called Plate of Shrimp and it’s either going to be about FOAF or coincidences, or both.
Linotype: First post






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  1. xian Avatar

    Note that I’ve dismantled most of my testing blog entries from my original TypePad blogs but have preserved them where relevant (one on my personal journal, Wake Up!; two here at Radio Free Blogistan; and one at the Power of Many.