What is HFC and why did it send me $4000?

Oh wait, the check is a loan. Isn’t HFC, like, household finance or something? Now they just send you something that looks like a check and starts generating interest the moment you don’t put it through the shredder? Why don’t they just send me crack and get on with it?






2 responses to “What is HFC and why did it send me $4000?”

  1. Dan Avatar

    HFC run a lot of “interest free credit” schemes for shops in the UK – I had one once. It was interest free for one year and then, if you didn’t pay the whole amount off before the first anniversary, reverted to an interest rate of something criminal like 40%… including back-dated interest on the first year of the loan. Luckily I spotted the scam and got out in time. Ever since they keep calling me up telling me that because I have such a good record with them they’d be happy to loan me some more money. I bet they would.

  2. Dan Avatar

    Oops… sorry for the double post. My Internet connection’s playing up, thought that the first one didn’t register, it musta just taken a long time to do so (same problem as Scot’s, I guess)