What software is Dean selling?

Where did Dave get the cockamamie idea that Howard Dean is in the software business? Is it based on the modified version of the open-source Drupal CMS called DeanSpace that some Dean supporters are distributing for free to encourage people to build sites for Dean that will generate and aggregate RSS feeds?
If so, how is that analogous to JFK owning a TV network? Wouldn’t it be more like JFK supporters enabling other JFK supporters to start their own independent TV stations (assuming that this had been possible before the eras of public-access and cable television)?
It’s not like Dean supporters are forbidden from using Manila or Radio to build sites promoting Dean, right? What exactly is the rub?
I try not to comment on Dave’s writing, especially when I think he is so far off-base, because he’s very thin-skinned and sees criticism as flames and his own flames as respectful discourse. I’m hoping he ignores this post as that seems to be his current policy with me, but I’d like to hear from other people, especially if I’m somehow missing the point. Is Dean selling software? If so, or if someone can show me that I am promulgating any other misconceptions, I’ll be happy to correct any misstatements.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I have begun volunteering for Howard Dean. I have twice now manned a table outside the Grand Lake Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings to encourage people to register to vote and sign up to receive email alerts from the Dean campaign. I will also be attending my first Meetup tonight at the Box Theatre in Oakland at 7 pm.

By the way, I considered trying to remain neutral on this contest, like a good journalist would, and perhaps if my political blog had any audience to speak of that would make sense, but since 9/11 I’ve felt compelled to do more than just sit on the sidelines when it comes to American politics, public ideas, and foreign policy, and volunteering for a candidate who is opposed to so much of the Bush agenda feels like a good place to start.

If Dean falls by the wayside, I will no doubt switch my allegiance to whomever seems to have the best chance of beating Bush (assuming they don’t, somehow, represent what I would consider a worse alternative – which doen’t seem likely).

For the record, I am currently an independent and have in fact never belonged to a political party (my parents are Republicans) although I have voted in every possible election since I reached my majority. As I am essentially endorsing Dean at this point, for what that’s worth, I’ll try to make it clear when I write aboput politics so that no one can accuse me of posing as neutral when I’m not.






3 responses to “What software is Dean selling?”

  1. Dana Blankenhorn Avatar

    I have never found Dave Winer to be any more “thin-skinned” than anyone else when criticized. In fact, he has been generous in spirit (at least to me).
    He has also been burned, misrepresented, and lied about on many occasions, in many forums, in ways you and I can only envy.
    Dave is welcome to criticize me, by name, any time he wants. I’ll tell you this about his criticisms, at least. He spells my name right. Every time. He’s never called me “Stan Blankenship” or “David Blandenhorne” …at least not yet.

  2. filchyboy Avatar

    Interesting parallel. I have always been registered indy. My parents were both Repubs growing up (they left the party in 1996 due to famioly values nonsense). I have voted in every election since majority. And I recently gave money to the Dean campaign. It is the first time I have ever done such a thing.

  3. Tomas Avatar

    Seriously, when was the last time Dave got anything perfectly right?