What's the opposite of a bullet?

I know Hugh had advised me to avert my eyes from the Salon blogs rankings, and he’s right. Any kind of RankingWatch is just bad for the soul, but I still feel inclined to note that RFB has now officially dropped to number 7 all time (and is likely to drop a few more in the coming weeks/months), and that the Reverse Cowgirl looks like she’ll be passing Scott Rosenberg as Salon’s number one all-time blogger soon.
Meanwhile, over on the filchyboy tip, for some incredible reason, it appears that (as of a few minutes ago) 625 people have viewed one of his blogs from the Rankings page and 626 have viewed his other blog from the Rankings page. There must be quite a flow of curious people dropping by that Rankings page and then heading off to the phenomenal filchyboy blogs, disdaining all the rest.
My (jimmy) hat’s off to you, o filchmeister!