Yankees tie it up in the 8th!

Man, I really feel for Red Sox fans. Martinez is obviously an incredible talent but why was he allowed to stay in to preside over that unraveling?
I know the Yanks haven’t won it yet, but it looks like now they might. The cameras focused on a sign reading “Mystique don’t fail me now” and another that just reads “DestiNY.”
I’ve been laying low since everyone hates the damn Yankees, but I can’t help it. I’ve been a fan since the days of Munson and Murcer.






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  1. Greg Severance Avatar

    I felt the same way for my boss, who is a Red Sox fan. We work in an office in midtown Manhattan crawling with Yankee fans.
    Last night, I went to a poetry reading that finished around 10pm. Walking home in the West Village, I enjoyed observing every bar, restaurant, pizzeria, deli and bodgega with the Yankee-Red Sox game on TV and with people just standing around watching the game.
    And then, back at the apartment listening to the game on the radio and hearing from time to time exclamations and reactions to the game from the neighboring apartment buildings.
    And feeling sorry for my poor boss after the Yanks tied up the game in the 8th inning.